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Jennie Johnson AI employs a sophisticated process to identify opportunities that match your resume, career path, and aspirations. For each job you're interested in, Jennie crafts a tailored resume and cover letter, significantly boosting your chances of receiving callbacks and securing interviews.

Jennie Johnson - AI Career Coach

How Does Jennie Johnson Enhance Your Job Search?

How Does Jennie Johnson Enhance Your Job Search? Showing A Video
  • Tailored Resumes and Cover Letters: Custom-crafted for each job you’re interested in, showing alignment between your application and the job description so you are more likely to stand out.

  • Skill Gap Analysis: We identify and help bridge any gaps between your skills and the requirements of the role, further demonstrating you’re fit for the role.

  • Interview Preparation: Receive a set of personalized questions based on the job and your background, along with strategic inquiries to demonstrate insight and enthusiasm, boosting your interview confidence.

  • In-Depth Company and Role Insights: Get a comprehensive look at the company and role, including networking strategies, to provide a competitive edge in the application and interview process.

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How does Jennie Johnson work?

  • Development of Career Persona

    First, we create a career persona for you using your resume (or LinkedIn profile if you don’t have an updated resume). This persona will be sent along so you can use it any way you see fit. Some like to use it for their LinkedIn description. 

  • Limitless Search for Relevant Job Openings 

    We search the web for job postings that match the experiences in your persona. We get creative in this step so you may get options that you’ve never considered before but fit your experience. These openings get emailed to you at the frequency you choose. 

  • Generate a Resume/Job Report 

    When you see a job you want to apply for, order a Resume/Job report. You’ll see why you’re a good fit for the job or where there may be gaps. Receive an updated Resume and Cover Letter that aligns with the job so you will have a better chance of being noticed by the hiring manager and bypassing HR screening software.

    *You can request a Resume/Job report for any job we present you, or any other you find yourself

  • Fine tune and apply! 

    Once you have reviewed the Resume/Job report, you can edit the updated Resume and Cover Letter then apply directly to the role - this is an important step as you want your resume to be in your voice and to be accurate. 

  • Prepare for Interview

    Utilize the research guide and interview questions in preparation for your first interview. This will surely give you a leg up on all other applicants.

Apply and repeat for any jobs that interest you

Don't just take my word for it...

See what customers say about me:


Jennie is a great resource who is fun and awesome to work with.

Jennie is a great resource who is always available and always seems to have the best opportunities in my field. She is always quick to respond and has a wealth of information on these opportunities. I look forward to working with Jennie and these new tools to secure my next great position.



Jennie's Insightful Resume Analysis

Jennie's insight was truly appreciated. I was using one Resume for all job applications. It is wonderful to know that a service is provided that will format my Resume and the Cover Letter to fit a job description. Not my one size fits all approach that at times can become discombobulated.

Andria H.


The secret is the perfectly balanced email summaries

Jennie's communications are timely, contain interesting and relevant information, and enough descriptions about each line item to perform at-a-glance consumption of the data effectively. The combo of these three things is unfortunately rare from a plethora of job search tools I've subscribed to and then unsubscribed from unsatisfied after poor service.

R Kiefer


Company going out of it's way to bring the best case for each avenue of interest to the forefront

Right on target, very professional, and articulation of ideas and concepts. I'm well pleased.

Randal P.


Got excellent help with the resume and letter

Got excellent help with the resume and letter.



5 Star team

Great personal touch on behalf of Jennie and the team!

Jacquelyn T.


Great Help

Jennie Johnson was very professional and helpful with a cover letter and brand new resume. The job postings were very helpful also.

Heather B.


Goes the extra mile!

The willingness to understand your career aspirations and offer assistance to paint a better picture of my skills. Jennie was professional and went the extra mile to make changes for me to be seen in a better light while pursuing a position.



I am amazed at what the AI produces.

I am amazed at what the AI produces.



Thank you

Thank you! Your service really helped me with my job search. I love the building 'targeted resumes' services! Great service Jennie!



Helpful Process

Jennie sent some excellent job opening ideas. She was able to review my resume and suggest changes, as well as generate a useful cover letter. It was a very helpful process.

Parky L.


Jenne Johnson supporting efforts in identifying new career opportunities

Jenne is tenuous with her support in trying to align you with a position that makes you feel like you have a good career opportunity and positivity in pursuing that position with companies that Jenne sends to you.

David H.


best resume edit ever

It was the best resume edit ever in my life. Thank you



Jennie’s summary of my diverse multi-industry job experiences

Jennie’s summary of my diverse job qualifications was exceptional. In addition, her weekly advice and suggested open job listings she recommended I apply to were right on target.



Good service

This website truly helped me revise and update my resume



J/J Guide to the Confused

J/J is competent, engaging, professional. Her ability to assess, gather, and list relevant job offering is deeply appreciated. Finally, her guide to writing employment resume is outstanding.

Zev G.


Honesty and customer-oriented actions.

When you hear from anyone and/or see anyone that cares, responsible and nice, it is more than enough to reach at a conclusion of honesty and integrity. You and your company are nice and on the right track for success.

Samuel L.


Helpful tips

It's great to see where I'm going wrong with my resume writing, and to get tips on how to tailor my resume to fit the job I'm applying for.

Anu W.


The review of my resume exceeded my expectations.

The review of my resume exceeded my expectations. I was very happy with the subtle changes that make me more marketable.



Quick and Effortless!

Jennie Johnson’s quick and no-nonsense help in reformatting my Resume and CV was a game changer! The turnaround time and effortless response was helpful when trying to find the perfect verbiage to targeted recruiter. Thank You, Jennie Johnson!

Ovelinda G.


Wadda Review

Great writing ability; Ability to summarize and simplify complex engineering descriptions. Great analysis of position and interview preparation.



GREAT letter and restructuring of my CV.

GREAT letter and restructuring of my CV.

Sanda S.


Quick response

Great AI adaptations. Awesome. Clear. Concise

Wanda L.


My experience was great

My experience was great; constructive criticism was great towards my resume, in which I lacked on a lot of things.



I appreciate the job recommendations I am getting.

I appreciate the job recommendations I am getting. They generally match very closely with my profile, so many are worth exploring and are of interest. I am also impressed with the information and advice shared both generally and specific to my interests.



The honest truth

I do appreciate the clarity of the responses given, they actually made a lot of sense and definitely relevant to what I am applying for. Sometimes it's a little uncomfortable to hear the truth, but it is always for the better.


Upcoming Interview? Let's Nail It!

Master your interview with precision insights

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Don't leave your success to chance. Our report acts like a study guide for your 'midterm exam,' tailored specifically to your background and the job at hand. You won't just get a detailed analysis of the company and how your resume matches the job description; you'll also receive insights into the business's core and probable interview questions crafted from your experience.

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You have Q'S, we have A's

Want to know more? I can't read minds, but you might be wondering...

  • Who is Jennie Johnson?

    Jennie Johnson is the AI representation of an elite career coach, embodying the collective expertise of a diverse team of designers, engineers, HR professionals, recruiters, and career coaching experts. With unmatched access to job opportunities across all industries and comprehensive knowledge of company dynamics, Jennie is available 24/7 to support her users. Rather than just a service, Jennie acts as a partner in your career journey, utilizing the power of AI to navigate the complexities of the job market effectively. She represents not only a technological advance but also the human expertise and dedication that continuously refine and enhance her capabilities.

  • What is the Resume/Job Report?

    It's a comprehensive service that compares your resume against a specific job description, identifying mismatches, suggesting improvements, and offering a tailored resume and cover letter, along with interview prep based on the job's requirements.

  • How does Jennie Johnson use AI in the job search process?

    Jennie uses AI first to analyze your career details and match you with job opportunities that fit your professional persona. She will then craft tailored resumes and cover letters for each application, outline any gaps between your resume and the job, give interview preparation and present a complete research guide for each role.

  • Will Jennie automatically send my resume to employers on my behalf?

    No, Jennie Johnson respects your autonomy in the job application process. We safeguard your data without sharing it externally and empower you to choose when and where to apply, ensuring you're in full control.

  • Are the job alert emails from Jennie Johnson free?

    Yes, all job alert emails are completely free.

  • How much does each Resume/Job Report cost?

    After the first free report, each additional report costs $12.

  • How does Jennie Johnson improve my chances of getting a job?

    By providing personalized job alerts, tailored resumes and cover letters, and in-depth interview prep, Jennie significantly increases your chances of securing interviews and job offers. Submitting a resume specifically tailored to a role will greatly increase your chances of securing interviews and ultimately landing a job offer.

More Questions? Check Out Our Detailed FAQ Page

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