A Discussion about Jennie Johnson’s Tools

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In this video, Kevin Holbert, partner, Hyperleap and Kristy Hunston, President, Jennie Johnson, talk about the vision behind Jennie Johnson, why she’s an AI tool and the benefits to job seekers. 

We have this discussion twice a month and invite you to join so you can ask questions. The next Webinar is July 3rd at 12:00 EST. Email kristy@jenniejohnson.com to get the details. 

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Jennie Johnsons Features and Benefits

Curated Job Listings Emailed to You: 

  • We search the web for job postings that match the experiences in your career persona which was developed from your resume. We get creative in this step so you may get options that you’ve never considered before but fit your experience. These openings get emailed to you at the frequency you choose.

Power Apply: 

Provides important resources that will help you apply and connect with the right people within the company.

  • Resume Analysis: Understand how your experience aligns with the job description so that your strengths and weaknesses are identified upfront. 
  • Application Links: Access a curated list of the best application links, including direct company listings and job boards.
  • Networking Links: Obtain contact information for key personnel such as hiring managers, HR representatives, and company executives, allowing you to reach out directly to introduce yourself.
  • Optimized Resume: You can also request an updated Resume, which will include a tailored resume, cover letter, email correspondence, gap analysis, interview prep, and research guide. It offers an unparalleled advantage over other applicants, enhancing your chances of securing an interview.


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