Hidden Opportunities: ‘Expired’ Job Listings Are Not Dead Ends


It’s frustrating to find a perfect job listing only to discover it’s marked as ‘expired’. However, our research at reveals a surprising opportunity: many ‘expired’ job postings on platforms like LinkedIn and Indeed are still open on the company’s own websites and the hiring manage would be happy to hear from you. Armed with this knowledge and Jennie’s innovative tools, you’re closer than ever to landing your dream job, even when it seems out of reach.

The Reality of Expired Listings:

  • Real Statistics: Our research indicates that 57% of jobs listed as expired on LinkedIn and 50% on Indeed are still open on the employer’s website. This discrepancy often arises because companies choose not to renew their paid postings even though the positions remain unfilled.
  • Understanding LinkedIn’s Posting Mechanics: LinkedIn allows for free job postings, which remain active for 30 days. After this period, if the job is not manually extended or promoted, it will expire automatically. This practice can give the impression that jobs are expiring when, in fact, they are not actively closed by the employer but simply have not been converted to a paid promotion to continue visibility beyond the initial free period. To keep a job post visible for longer or to enhance its reach, employers need to pay to promote the job post, often costing up to $10 per applicant. Therefore, the job may not be closed, but rather the employer is not able to pay such a staggering fee per applicant.
  • Jennie’s Insight and Tools: Leveraging this knowledge, Jennie Johnson provides direct access and alternate pathways to these hidden roles, ensuring you never miss out due to a technicality. With Jennie’s tools, you can easily navigate past the misleading “expired” labels and connect directly with ongoing opportunities.

An ‘expired’ job on LinkedIn that’s still looking for applicants:

A Little Leg Work Pays Off

Alternate Application Methods: A quick search for the role, either through the link provided by Jennie or simply by using Google, often reveals alternate application methods where the role is still open. This underscores the importance of looking beyond initial appearances and leveraging available tools to access a broader set of opportunities.

Direct Contact with Employers: If you can’t find a live application page posted, or even if you do, another effective strategy is to reach out directly to the employer. Contacting the hiring manager, HR or the owner via LinkedIn or other available contact methods to inquire if they are still accepting applications can often yield positive results. This proactive approach not only potentially opens up opportunities that are not advertised but also demonstrates your initiative and genuine interest in the position.

Emailing the hiring manager of a role that was expired on Linkedin:

Understanding Job Boards

While platforms like LinkedIn and Indeed are invaluable for uncovering job opportunities, it’s crucial to recognize that they do not always represent the complete source of truth regarding job availability. Their listings can be an excellent starting point, but they should not be relied upon exclusively.


Indeed does it too. Don’t stop when they tell you it’s expired:

What Might Seem Like a Dead End Could Actually Be an Opportunity

When encountering a job posting marked as “expired” on platforms like LinkedIn or Indeed, many potential applicants might simply move on. However, as demonstrated in the video examples above, taking the extra steps to verify the job’s status directly through the company’s career page or by reaching out to the hiring manager can yield surprising results. This additional effort not only uncovers hidden opportunities but also positions you as a proactive and determined candidate. By going beyond the initial obstacle of an expired label, you can distinguish yourself from other job seekers who may not venture past this apparent dead end. Just a few extra moments of investigation could be all that stands between you and your next career breakthrough.

The job search landscape is evolving, with many opportunities hidden just beneath the surface of expired or inactive job postings. With Jennie Johnson’s guidance, you can uncover these opportunities and approach your job search with a more informed and proactive strategy. Turn these insights into action and open doors to potential job prospects previously thought inaccessible.