Jennie Johnson Just Got Better – New Features for You

new features

We’re thrilled to announce several exciting new features and updates to! Our goal is to continuously enhance your job search experience and provide you with the tools and resources needed to succeed. Here’s an in-depth look at what’s new and how these updates can benefit you.

Updated Job Alert Email

job alert emailWe’ve improved our job alert emails to streamline the process for exploring and applying to a job. 

Each job listing will have a single link that directs you to a job details page, where you’ll find additional details about the position you’re interested in. 

In addition, the emails now include a direct link to obtain a Custom Resume / Job Report and reminders of our Facebook Live information sessions. 

All of the other features that you’ve come to love about Jennie’s job alert emails remain.  

Job Details Page

The comprehensive job details page will allow you to do everything you need to further explore the open position and determine if you’d like to apply. There are two main features: 

Power Apply: 

Provides important resources that will help you apply and connect with the right people within the company. 

  • Access a curated list of the best application links, including direct company listings and job boards.
  • Obtain contact information for key personnel such as hiring managers, HR representatives, and company executives, allowing you to reach out directly to introduce yourself.
  • You can then request a Resume/Job Report, which will create a tailored resume, cover letter, email correspondence, gap analysis, interview prep, and research guide. It offers an unparalleled advantage over other applicants, enhancing your chances of securing an interview.

Resume Fit Analysis: 

Understand how your experience aligns with the job description so that your strengths and weaknesses are identified upfront. This tool provides a detailed comparison between your resume and the job requirements such as: 
  • Comparison between your resume and the job description.
  • Identification of skills and experiences that match what the position requires.
  • Gaps in your experience compared to the job requirements.
Job Details Page

Updated Resume / Job Report

The Resume/Job Report has been a cornerstone of our service, and we’ve made it even better. 

Now, the report includes an expanded “Where to Apply” section with direct application links, access to company career portals, recruiter and HR contacts, and information on finding hiring managers and executive contacts at the company. 

This comprehensive report equips you with all the tools needed to stand out in your job applications.

New Pricing to Meet Your Needs

We are now offering subscription plans that allow you to access these features, in addition to Resume / Job Reports, in bulk each month at a discounted rate. If you’d rather buy one at a time, you can still do that too.

  • Single Report: Previously $12 each, now available for $15. Purchase individual reports as needed without any commitment.
  • Standard Subscription: For $19/month, you receive 3 Resume/Job Report credits and access to the Power Apply Link Research and Resume Fit Analysis for each job you view. Uncover the best way to apply, who to contact at the company and understand how your experience aligns with the job description before you apply.
  • Premium Subscription: For $49/month, you receive 20 Resume/Job Report credits each month, along with all features of the Standard Subscription. Leftover credits roll over to future months as long as your subscription remains active.


Subscription Plans

Why You Should Invest in Jennie's Premium Services

In today’s competitive job market, finding the right job can be overwhelming. Traditional job boards prioritize employers’ needs, which often leads to a mismatch with job seekers’ interests. Premium job boards such as Jennie Johnson, where job seekers pay for services, offer a solution with several key benefits:

Higher Quality Job Listings: We feature carefully curated job listings, focusing on high-value opportunities that match job seekers’ skills and aspirations, saving time and effort.  Jennie’s job alerts are available to all users at no charge.

Enhanced Matching Algorithms: Our advanced algorithms provide more accurate job recommendations, including match percentages of your resume to each job, making the job search process more efficient.

Customized Resources: Jennie offers application tools that are customized to you and the job you want to apply for which will help enhance your applications and lead to more interviews. 

People Behind the Tech: While Jennie is an AI career coach, there are many people behind the scenes with extensive recruiting, tech and operations experience that are here to help you land a job and build the career you desire. 

Investing in a premium job board can significantly improve your job search experience, making it a worthwhile consideration for serious job seekers.


More Features Coming Soon

We’re excited about these updates and believe they will significantly enhance your experience with Jennie and your job search. Be on the lookout for even more new features to help you navigate this every changing landscape of job search and career advancement.


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