Stand Out From Traditional Job Boards: Target Relevant Roles


Ever feel like the job alerts you receive don’t really match what you’re looking for? Does it seem like you’re being suggested jobs that THEY want you to see, rather than the ones YOU actually want to pursue? At Jennie Johnson, we take a proactive approach to help you advance in your career. Our system considers not only your past experience and skills but also your future goals and aspirations. We begin with your resume as the foundation, but to truly understand the direction you want your career to go, we often need a little more input from you.

Why Your Profile Setup Matters:

Typically, your Jennie Johnson profile starts with your resume or LinkedIn details. This gives us a snapshot of your career history, but it’s just the beginning. To really tailor our job alerts for you, we need a full picture of not only where you’ve been but also where you want to go. Our goal is to send you opportunities that are actual steps up, not just lateral moves.

How to Get the Right Job Alerts:

Here’s what you can do to start getting job alerts that make sense for you:

  1. Log In and Make Changes:
    • Update your profile using the “Modify Profile” link in any job alert email, or by logging in at and heading to your account settings.
  2. Expand Your Profile Details:
    • Beyond your past roles, tell us about your career goals. Are you looking to move into management? Or perhaps switch industries? The clearer your goals, the better our job recommendations.
    • Include all the places you’re willing to work, including remote options.
  3. Review and Adjust:
    • After you update, we’ll send you new job alerts. If they’re on target, great! If not, you can update your profile as needed. And if you need help tweaking it to attract the right jobs, just contact us—help is always available.

Why This Approach Works:

Instead of relying solely on past job titles, we consider your entire skill set and career aspirations. This means we send you alerts for jobs that aim to elevate your career, fitting your true professional potential.

How Jennie Johnson Differs from Traditional Job Boards and Recruiters:

Most job boards simplify the job search process to just a few keywords or a basic job title. This method is limiting—it doesn’t consider your full range of experience, skills, or your career aspirations. Furthermore, job boards and recruiters often operate primarily to serve employers, the ones who pay their bills. Employers promote their job listings, and consequently, job boards may push these listings to candidates, regardless of how well they match the candidate’s profile. Ever been recommended a role completely outside your field, like an Uber driver, nurse, or long haul trucker, when you’re an engineer?? It’s frustrating and all too common.

Recruiters face similar limitations, working with a restricted set of jobs they’re contracted to fill. This can mean missing out on opportunities that might be perfect for you simply because they’re not in the recruiter’s “inventory.”

At Jennie Johnson, we do things differently. We scan the entire internet for job postings, aiming to match you with roles based purely on their relevance to your profile. This is why we encourage you to ensure your profile is as thorough and accurate as possible, reflecting both your current skills and your future career goals.

Our business is supported by our Resume/Job Reports—a service we believe is worth every penny for those who choose to use it. These reports enhance your resume, prepare you for interviews, and offer tailored guidance to improve your job application process. However, it’s not mandatory to buy these reports. You can receive our alerts and apply for jobs without spending a dime. But if you’re looking for that extra edge in your job search, we’re here to provide you with the tools you need.


A well-set-up profile is crucial for receiving job alerts that are actually relevant to you. It’s about letting us know not just where you’ve been, but where you want to go. Jennie’s profile and job alerts are unlike anything on the market today, we put the candidate first, in a world that has catered to the employers for far too long. Let’s flip the script! Update your Jennie Johnson profile today to start getting job opportunities that truly match your career goals.

So, what’s next?

Whether you’re already part of Jennie Johnson or just getting started, updating your profile is key. If you’re not a member yet, head over to register at Jennie Johnson, upload your resume, and set your career goals. We’re here to move your career forward. Log in or sign up now, and let’s make sure you’re on the path to your dream job!