See the Blend of Human Creativity and AI Precision


The Human Touch Behind Jennie Johnson

We’ve noticed some curiosity and, understandably, some confusion about Jennie Johnson—whether she’s a real person or an AI. Today we’re launching our About Us page to celebrate the technology and the terrific people behind Jennie Johnson. Jennie is not a single person but a vibrant, AI-driven persona crafted by our diverse and skilled team. Our experts in recruiting, technology, career coaching, and more are dedicated to revolutionizing your job search. This blend of human creativity and AI precision makes Jennie a unique assistant in today’s job market.


The Team Crafting Jennie

Our team comprises passionate individuals who are committed to enhancing your job-seeking experience:

  • Kristy Hunston, our President, leads with deep expertise in building and leading organizations.
  • Alla Petraki and Roman Vorobiov, our UX/UI Designers, ensure Jennie is both intuitive and user-friendly.
  • Ivan Kuzma, Oleh Moroz, and Nazar Nakonechnyi, our Software Engineers, tirelessly enhance Jennie’s capabilities.
  • Tetyana Podolyanyk in Customer Service, ensures your inquiries and feedback are addressed promptly and effectively.

The Executive Team

  • David Hanley utilizes his extensive experience in digital innovation and recruitment to guide our strategic direction. LinkedIn
  • Alex Bowcut crafts robust and innovative technological foundations, drawing on his history of solving complex data challenges. LinkedIn
  • Kevin Holbert applies his rich operational and recruiting background to ensure Jennie’s functionalities are empathetic and effective. LinkedIn

Transparency and Empowerment

In an era where transparency in AI usage is crucial, we are open about our operations. Our team is here to serve you by channeling everything we know about the job market, technology, and recruiting into tools that empower you to succeed. While personal one-on-one support for every job application isn’t feasible, we have developed comprehensive tools that allow you to efficiently increase your chances of securing your dream job.


Why an AI Persona?

Creating an AI persona like Jennie enables us to provide consistent, scalable, and personalized support. Jennie manages and analyzes large amounts of data to deliver tailored job alerts and detailed R/J reports, all designed to effectively enhance your job search.


Connect and Engage with Us

Explore the full potential of Jennie Johnson for your career advancement by registering today—it’s free! Dive into the details of our services and discover how we can tailor our assistance to your job search needs by visiting our FAQ page. For insights, updates, and discussions on the job market, and to learn how Jennie can best serve your career goals, make sure to regularly check our Resources page.

Jennie Johnson represents our commitment to supporting your career journey with a blend of the best AI technology and real human expertise. We’re excited to assist you in navigating the complexities of the job market with a personal touch. Join us for bi-weekly live meetings through the Jennie Facebook page and connect with us on LinkedIn where we share valuable information about the job market and how you can be successful in your career evolution.