Maximize Your Potential: The Power of the Resume/Job Report


If you’re already navigating your career path with Jennie, you know we’re committed to not just finding you job opportunities but ensuring you’re equipped to seize them. Enter the Resume/Job Report—a powerful tool designed to give you a significant advantage in your job applications. Whether you’ve spotted an opportunity through one of our alerts or elsewhere, or you’re targeting your dream job, this report is tailored to sharpen your approach and boost your chances of landing the role.

What the Resume/Job Report Offers You:

The Resume/Job Report is more than just an informational tool—it equips you with the documents and guidance necessary to land your targeted role:

  • Bridges the Gap: It identifies what’s missing from your resume compared to the job requirements, providing specific suggestions to fill those gaps.
  • Enhances Your Application: Offers a newly targeted resume and cover letter, crafted to align precisely with what employers are looking for.
  • Prepares You for Engagement: Supplies a personalized email draft to help you make a standout introduction when contacting employers.
  • Informs Your Strategy: Includes detailed job insights and a comprehensive company overview, preparing you to impress during interviews.
  • Sharpens Your Interview Skills: Prepares you with potential interview questions you might face and proposes questions you should consider asking.

How to Build Your Report:

Simply upload your resume to your Jennie Johnson profile, or update an existing one, and select a job to tailor the report. You’ll find a link to create a report for any jobs included in Jennie’s emails to you or if you have a job found elsewhere, you can run a report by inputting the details on the custom report page. Whether you use your free credit for the first report or opt to purchase this service, we ensure the report reaches your inbox and your Jennie account within 30 minutes.

Using Your Resume/Job Report Effectively:

Once you receive your report, it’s time to put these insights into action. While Jennie equips you with comprehensive tools and detailed guidance, making a move on the job opportunities is up to you. Follow the application links provided at the bottom of the report to apply for the jobs. With your new arsenal of information about how you match up to the role or what gaps the employer may be concerned with, you’re fully prepared to jump into a conversation with the hiring manager to sell yourself. Reaching out directly to company contacts is much easier when you have the confidence and knowledge of exactly how you match up to the role and what you can offer them as the perfect employee.

Summing it up:

With the Resume/Job Report from Jennie Johnson, you’re not just applying for jobs; you’re stepping up with a strategy. This report isn’t just about enhancing your resume—it’s about transforming your entire application process to highlight your best, perfectly aligning your capabilities with the needs of potential employers. Ready to stand out from the crowd?

What should I do next?

Maximize your potential with every job application. Head over to your Jennie Johnson account (or create a new one if you’re not already in the know), run your Resume/Job Report, and move forward with confidence. Let’s make your dream job a reality! And please visit our FAQ page where we answer questions about the report and all aspects of the Jennie service.