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Welcome to Jennie Johnson, where technology and human ingenuity come together to transform your job search experience.

At the heart of our platform is Jennie - a vibrant, AI-driven companion designed with the collective expertise and passion of our dedicated team. Jennie brings together the best of both worlds: the precision of cutting-edge technology and the empathy, understanding, and creativity of real people. Don't worry, there are people behind Jennie and you can meet them below.

Our mission is to help job seekers not only find their next opportunity but to also help them get noticed so they're hired.




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Our Team

We're a diverse group of professionals from recruiting, technology, career coaching, marketing and customer service. Each of us brings a wealth of experience and a unique perspective that helps make our services not only functional but genuinely helpful. Together, our talents breathe life into Jennie, creating a friendly and accessible 24/7 guide for anyone navigating today's complex job market.

Kristy Hunston - President

Kristy Hunston


Alla Petraki - UX/UI Designer

Alla Petraki

UX/UI Designer

Tetyana Podolyanyk - Customer Service

Tetyana Podolyanyk

Customer Service

Ivan Kuzma - Software Engineer

Ivan Kuzma

Software Engineer

Oleh Moroz - Software Engineer

Oleh Moroz

Software Engineer

Nazar Nakonechnyi - Software Engineer

Nazar Nakonechnyi

Software Engineer

Roman Vorobiov - UX/UI Designer

Roman Vorobiov

UX/UI Designer

Executive Team

Started by the founders of Hyperleap Inc, the executive team has worked in the recruiting and technology space for more than 15 years.

David Hanley - CEO

David Hanley


Alex Bowcut - CTO

Alex Bowcut


Kevin Holbert - COO

Kevin Holbert


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