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Meet Jennie: Your Personal Advocate for Career Success

"Ever met a recruiter with infinite knowledge, no employer bias and 24/7 availability? Say hello to Jennie!"

Who is Jennie Johnson?

Is Jennie Johnson a real person or AI?

What makes Jennie Johnson’s service unique?

The Magic Behind the Scenes: How Jennie Works

"You've got the experience, now how do we make it shine? Peek behind the curtain!"

How does Jennie Johnson use AI in the job search process?

What is a professional persona, and how is it created?

How does Jennie Johnson keep up with my career evolution?

A job that Jennie recommended is showing as 'expired' on LinkedIn, Indeed, or another listing site. What can I do?

Tell me more about Rock-Paper-Scissors, how do I play and what can I win?

Resume/Job Report Decoded

"How do we create harmony between your resume and the job description?"

What is the Resume/Job Report?

What does the gap analysis in the report cover?

How is a tailored resume created from my current resume?

What formats of the new resume will I receive with my Resume/Job Report?

Can I get a Resume/Job Report for any job I'm interested in?

What kind of interview preparation is included in the report?

Is the Resume/Job Report service suitable for all industries and job functions?

How do I request a Resume/Job Report?

How long does it take to receive my Resume/Job Report?

Getting Clarity on Pricing and Subscriptions

Understand our plans and find the best fit for you

How do the subscription plans work and what are the benefits?

What are Power Apply Link Research and Resume Fit Analysis?

How does access to Power Apply Link Research and Resume Fit Analysis work under each plan?

Will my R/J Report Credits be used to access Power Apply Link Research and Resume Fit Analysis?

How do I cancel my subscription, and what should I consider before canceling?

When will my card be charged when I subscribe to the Standard or Premium Plans?

What is Power Apply Link Research and how does it benefit me?

What is Resume Fit Analysis and how does it benefit me?

How do I use Power Apply Link Research and Resume Fit Analysis?

How does the free trial work for subscription plans, and when will I be charged?

What does a Single Report include?

When will my credit card be charged if I choose a Single Report?

Can I carry over unused report credits to the next month?

What can I use a credit for on Jennie Johnson's platform?

What if I need more reports than my current plan allows?

Control & Privacy in Your Hands

Worried about your resume going on adventures without you? Fear not!

Can I trust Jennie Johnson with my personal information and resume details?

Will Jennie automatically send my resume to employers on my behalf?

Can I request for my profile and data to be deleted?

Jennie's Job Seeking Toolkit: What’s in Your Arsenal?

"Equipped for the job market jungle? Jennie’s got your back (and your toolkit)."

How does Jennie Johnson improve my chances of getting a job?

How do I receive job alerts from Jennie Johnson?

Can I update my professional persona and job preferences?

Is it possible to specify a preference for remote jobs?

Does Jennie Johnson support job searches in specific industries or functions, and are there geographic limitations?

Can I apply directly to jobs that I receive in my email alerts?

Crossing the Bridge: From Candidate to Employee

"Transitioning careers or leveling up? Let's turn those question marks into exclamation points!"

Are the job alert emails from Jennie Johnson free?

Can the Resume/Job Report help me if I'm changing industries?

What if I don't have experience in a key area listed in the job description?

Does the tailored resume include a cover letter?

How detailed is the interview preparation guide?

Can I use the Resume/Job report for multiple job applications?

Jennie's Helpline: 24/7 Support, Because Job Hunting Never Sleeps

Have questions? Reach out anytime—day, night, or anytime in between.

What support does Jennie Johnson offer to job seekers?

How can I contact Jennie Johnson?

How do I sign up for Jennie Johnson's services?

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